IT Support

Every business needs IT support

Whether you are a sole trader, run a small office, have several sites, or even if you are a large corporation, Positive IT can ensure that your business gets the right level of support.

Things break down, things go wrong. And it always seems to happen just when you don’t have time for it, which can be annoying, and costly. But get a support contract with Positive IT and frustration is history.

The Positive IT support engineers will be assisting you in no time – either over the phone or by remote access to your computer – or both.


The benefits of remote access

If you haven’t seen remote access in action – you will be impressed. It’s the ultimate tool for IT support for business and Positive IT has invested in it. It means quicker problem-solving, less site visits, and less downtime.


Gold, Silver, and Bronze packages

IT support for business comes in 3 different packages – Gold, Silver and Bronze.

You can buy it ad-hoc too – but we can’t guarantee response times and it’s less cost effective.

Choose an IT support for business package and not only will we support all your PCs, printers, servers* and networks* but we’ll also do the following while we’re on site:

*not Bronze package



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