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Whether for home or business we cannot imagine life without broadband.

So many of the things that we do depend on being connected to the internet.

If you are a business you will know that problems with your broadband can mean letting your customers down and losing money. When better technology comes along it can only mean good news for your business.

We are specialist broadband installers working across all industry types, from small offices to large corporates. We can assess the best broadband options to help your business.


Fibre broadband

BT has been rolling out fibre broadband across the UK. By June 2014 the network had reached 20 million premises, but only 3 million of those have signed up. That’s just 15%. The message clearly hasn’t got across.

Don’t let your business miss out on the many benefits of making the change.

Fibre broadband is much more reliable. It is also much faster, ten times the speed minimum (up to 80Mb). You will find it much better when using applications, especially HD video.

When it comes to home based working or multi-site working, as well as back-up and disaster recovery, it’s time to consider switching. With so many businesses using Cloud based applications for their email and bespoke software, Fibre broadband will give you an advantage.


Free business broadband review

If you want to consider the advantages of Fibre Broadband for your business, why not give us a call.

Get in touch today for your free business broadband review and we could soon be getting faster business broadband for you.

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