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Technology that boosts good customer service

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Decisions about technology are really decisions about customers

As Sam Walton put it “the goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.”

Even though out of date technology can be the kiss of death for customer service we rarely think about it in those terms.

We typically think about technology in terms of how much money it costs us. We need to turn that logic on its head.  It may be costing us more than we think.

Start thinking about how much technology is costing your customers

If our poor technology gives them a bad experience we will erode their confidence in our brand and undermine their loyalty.

When we think of customer service we immediately and instinctively think about customer facing roles. We think about the contribution made by each member of our staff team.

We know that the reputation of our business hinges on how we personally treat our customers.

If we are wise we will train out staff to put customer service at the top of the agenda every single business hour that they work.

But take a step back and look at every detail in the big picture.

Ask yourself, what else is involved in customer experience?

The former England rugby coach, Sir Clive Woodward, had a helpful phrase when he talked about the “critical non-essentials.”

These are the tiny details that are easy to overlook, but when added up, are really essential to success.

Whether a call is greeted by a message introducing your business, or whether you record calls (and use them) for training, can be seen as non-essential.

Added up they are they are an indicator of whether you are maximising your customer service.

The latest technology as a “critical non-essential” for customer experience 

When customers call you, what message are they greeted with? Do they even know they have called the right business?

Is your greeting friendly, helpful, and professional?

Can you handle a volume of calls so that each customer is given the best service, especially if they have to wait?

Do you record calls to help your training and to weed out bad customer service?

Does your phone system link to your database?

Your business can’t function without a telephone system.

You can read up on the benefits of internet based telephone systems (VoIP) over at Comms Business

There are clear benefits to having an internet based phone system, but you won’t make the right choice about it unless you start in the right place: not with the technology, or the finances, but with the customer at the centre of your thinking.


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